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Rab Ráby Restaurant, Szentendre

We warmly welcome you to our restaurant in the city center of Szentendre. Delicious food, antiques, breathtaking interior, and affordable prices since 1982.

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Accepts credit cards
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Featured Dishes

Fisherman's soup Szeged-style
Fisherman's soup Szeged-style
~9 EUR ~10 USD **
3 500 HUF*
Fried frog legs in panko breadcrumbs
Fried frog legs in panko breadcrumbs
~21 EUR ~23 USD **
7 900 HUF*
Beef stew in red wine
Beef stew in red wine
~12 EUR ~13 USD **
4 390 HUF*
Roasted pork knuckle marinated in beer
Roasted pork knuckle marinated in beer
~13 EUR ~14 USD **
4 900 HUF*
Grilled chicken breast with forest fruit sauce
Grilled chicken breast with forest fruit sauce
~9 EUR ~10 USD **
3 490 HUF*
Vegetarian platter for two
Vegetarian platter for two
~21 EUR ~23 USD **
7 900 HUF*
Rab Ráby mixed meat platter for two
Rab Ráby mixed meat platter for two
~21 EUR ~23 USD **
7 900 HUF*
Chicken breast Cordon bleu style
Chicken breast Cordon bleu style
~10 EUR ~11 USD **
3 790 HUF*
Pork schnitzel stuffed with sheep cheese
Pork schnitzel stuffed with sheep cheese
~11 EUR ~12 USD **
4 190 HUF*
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*The prices are indicative! Errors may occur, the actual prices can be found on our printed menu.
**Only Informational price! You can pay with Hungarian Forint (HUF) or Card

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About Us

The restaurant was founded by János Németh and his family in 1982, during the time of the Iron Curtain. Its name comes from the main character of Mór Jókai's novel 'Rab Ráby,' who lived in Szentendre and played a major role in the fight against corruption during the reign of Joseph II. The building that was transformed into the restaurant used to be a blacksmith's workshop over 100 years ago. Besides an ethnographic exhibition, the restaurant also features rare curiosities.

Picture of Balogh Levente & Moldován András

Balogh Levente & Moldován András

What Our Guests Say

Sarah Brown

Tourist trap but still fantastic. The goulash is really tasty and served in a metal cauldron. The decoration is... Super... All types of old vintage things, you can stay in the restaurant for 2h and you'll never get bored of looking at the walls. The chairs have coat of arms. Ideal for groups of friends that want to travel back in time and have a great time together.

Linda Lewis

The greatest find in Szentandre! The goulash is amazing. Definitely a must when near/in Budapest. This restaurant is worth the trip! :)

David White

Best place in Szentandre to get the beloved Hungarian fisherman soup. It comes with a side of peasant bread and some sought of chili paste. You can ask for more bread if you run out. The restaurant is medieval themed and decked fully with interesting items and trinkets. The prices are very reasonable.

Google: 4+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, however, we do not accept American Express cards

Where can I park?

Parking in Szentendre has changed in 2022: the Old Town can only be accessed with a permit. The nearest parking lot to us is located about a 1-minute walk away, at the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Endre street. (Zone code: 2012)

Where can I find the restaurant?

The restaurant is located in the downtown area of Szentendre, between the City Hall and the Péter Pál Church. It can be reached within a 1-minute walk from the main square, in the center.

Is there a garden, terrace?

Yes, the restaurant has a cozy, wind-protected courtyard that is cool and shaded in the summer.

Is the restaurant dog-friendly?

Yes, we have been a dog-friendly place since open.

Do you also cater for events?

Yes, we cater for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, name days, class reunions, book launches, wine tastings, funeral receptions, etc.

Is there Wifi?

Yes, without a password. Wifi name: RAB_RÁBY_WIFI