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The restaurant was founded by Németh János and his family while the Iron Curtain still existed in 1982. It was named after ’Rab Ráby’, a novel by Jókai Mór, the protagonist of which fought against corruption during the reign of Joseph II and lived in Szentendre.

The building that was converted into a restaurant was a forge more than 100 years ago. Németh János has been changing the antiquities and bric-a-brac on show continuously since the opening of the restaurant, which greatly delights our guests. Apart from an ethnical collection there are other old curiosities on exhibit, such as the grape press from 1838, the ”National cash register”, the ”American Heating” stove or the still operable polyphone and so on. So far every guest has found his or her favourite piece here.


The Raby Ráby Restaurant received the “Védnöki Tábla”(Table of Patrons) in 1996. By this we enjoy the patronage of the Hungarian Cook and Confectionery Association and the European Catering Association (ECA), they acknowledge our high quality gastronomic activity

From time to time we have the pleasure to welcome some foreign political leaders of high standing and their wives. At these occasions we are ready to observe safety regulations of the highest level.
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